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Moxie Monday: Your ______ Year Plan

What is your one year, five year or ten year plan? Many times when I ask someone one of these questions the only answer that I receive is a confused, blank stare. What is a one year plan? Why would I want one? What is it needed for? I am going to share some of my plans, why they are important and how I apply them to my life. As someone that barely had plans a week in advance this new way of thinking and planning has kept me on my track to living a successful and focused life.

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Right now I have a solid 2 year plan. A lot of things are going to be happening in two years from now so I like to have the rest of my plans surround that time frame as it make me truly focused and it is much easier to keep track of. My 2 year plan is broken into several categories.

Business: My husband and I are on track to have our businesses paid off in roughly 2 years. I have plans for my storage business that will take place after those 2 years are up. My husband has several plans for his business after those 2 years as well. We have most of those plans spelled out clearly.


Finances: My husband and I sit down every few months to go over finances and make sure we are achieving our goals and getting out of debt. We plan on being completely out of debt within 2 years if everything stays similar to what it is now. We have our finances broken down to a step by step plan for paying things off.


Personal: I have some health and fitness goals that I have been working on and finding extremely helpful. I am reading every single day, meditating, stretching and working out. I am making a point to pick a day to rest and plan it on my calendar just as if it were an appointment and making sure that in the midst of my fairly busy life I am making time for me to get refocused and relax.

Dreams: I am always looking at my dreams and passions. I have a plan for when I retire and something that I want to pursue. I have it planned out and written down. I am working on a blue print with my husband of our dream house that we want to build on our property. We have plans for trips that we want to go on. I want to travel to Ireland one day. I plan on writing a book or maybe more in the future. There are some things we have planned out together and things that we each want to accomplish.


Part of my 20 year plan includes a lifestyle that I can have with my husband after we have our dream house built, we have retired, we have gone on several trips and our pace of life has changed. We have loose plans for our 20 years down the road because nothing is set in stone and we may want to make some changes. Same rule applies for our 10 year plan, we have some goals and ways to reach those goals but they are allowed to change and things are always allowed to be altered to better suit our life.


Think of some things that you would like to accomplish. Think of some dreams you have, how can you apply them to your life. What can you do this year to get closer to what you want in life. If you want to be a lawyer one day but can’t afford schooling yet why don’t you look for better paying jobs now. Follow some social media pages of lawyers that inspire you. Visit law firms and see if you can become an intern. Study law books and cases. Watch videos of court room hearings. Learn legal jargon. There are so many things that you can do just in this year or months that will get you a little closer to your dream. You can align yourself to be ready for what you want when the time comes simply by being more prepared today than you were yesterday.


Personally I like to have a written list of my plans. When my husband and I got married we made a two year plan with about a dozen things on the list. In less than 18 months we had checked every item off that list. We had a third form of income. We purchased another business. We had made improvements on our home. We adopted a second dog. We paid off debt that we had at the time. And there were several other accomplishments that we accomplished. Recently we looked at bills and noticed our food shopping was getting a little pricey. I made a new budget for it that cut out $200.00 dollars and was able to make that work for us simply because we made the conscience decision to do so, that was over 6 months ago and we are still using that same budget for our food.

What are your plans in life? What are you going to do achieve what success looks like to you? Are you making time for the things that inspire you as well? Write out your plans or make a dream board with pictures and words on it. Look at your list or board and remind yourself that you are capable of change, you are capable of becoming anything you want, you are capable of dreaming bigger and achieving goals you never thought possible. You can find a way to save $100.00 a month and put it towards your schooling. According to the average person between 25-44 years old spends $1,709.00 a year on coffee. Go one year without coffee or cut your intake in half if you need help reaching your financial goals. There are ways to accomplish anything in life, having plans keeps you more focused and purposeful in your day to day living. Give it a try and see what dreams can become your reality.


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